Taormina, authentic Sicilian soul

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Hotel Villa Taormina, at the centre of one of the most beautiful towns in the world

A holiday of art and sea in Taormina

Taormina displays all the magic of a unique land like Sicily.
It is a symbol of Sicily and represents all the art, history and nature of the island creating beauty like that of the Greek theatre where one of the most famous coastlines meets art and history sending shivers down your spine.
Boutique hotel Villa Taormina sits right in the centre of the town, hidden in the ancient medieval streets, allowing you to get pulled into the town’s atmosphere and discover the surrounding area either independently or by taking part in the hotel’s activities and exclusive events.

Shopping along the streets of Taormina

Taormina “the Sicilian Saint Tropez"

As soon as you step out of Villa Taormina, you will find yourself immediately immersed in a timeless atmosphere in the quiet back streets of the medieval town. A short walk will take you in just a few minutes to the central part of the town. Along the main street, the Corso Umberto, you can take in the nightlife of the town, discover the local delicatessens, pastry shops, souvenir shops and luxury boutiques. A perfect blend between the two souls of Taormina one modern and touristic and the other more traditional and folkloristic that makes it the “Saint Tropez of Sicily”.
A town wrapped in an aura of magic that will leave you with memories of an unforgettable holiday.

Discover the art of Taormina

From the ancient theatre to the cathedral via the public gardens known as the Villa Comunale

The ancient Greek theatre of Taormina with a view of Etna is a place of eternal charm, attracting thousands of tourists every year who dream of sitting on the stone steps of the ancient plateau.
The cathedral of Taormina is a splendid example of a typical Sicilian church with its mix of medieval and baroque elements. Inside there are ancient works of art that were found in the gardens of Villa Taormina, like the framed icon of the Madonna, protector of the town. Your walk must involve a visit to the Villa Comunale – the public gardens, with their liberty style garden designed by an English noblewoman once a resident of Taormina. The villa also offers a splendid view point to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the shade in the middle of the town, in front of an exceptional view of the bay of Taormina.

Unspoilt nature and beauty in Taormina

Taormina and south east Sicily

Walking around the town you will reach Piazza IX Aprile, a suggestive view point that is dominated by the bay and Etna. The ideal place for a romantic photo at sunset but also a snapshot into the experiences that await you during your stay at Villa Taormina. Whether on your own, or participating in the activities proposed by the hotel, you can discover the beauty of the surroundings of Taormina. The beaches of Isola Bella, Mazzarò and Letojanni will be a dream for those who wish to dive into the crystal-clear Sicilian sea. The area around Etna, with the unmissable Alcantara Gorge is the ideal place for adventurous spirits. Food and wine tours with special focus on the great red wines and Etna’s wineries will be heaven for Italian wine lovers. Last but not least, not far from Taormina there is an authentic constellation of ancient towns and villages like Castelmola, Forza d’Agrò, Syracuse and Noto, which will show you the most authentic Sicily.

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