The most exclusive sunset in Taormina
Sunset Corner

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Enjoy the most stunning sunset in Taormina

An unforgettably romantic experience in the garden of the boutique hotel

The sunset corner of the Mediterranean garden of Villa Taormina is the scene of an authentic natural spectacle everyday. Admiring the Bay of Taormina from such a stunning position just as the sun goes down, is a moment which will remain one of your most precious memories of your holiday in Sicily.

From the sunset corner of the boutique hotel you can admire Taormina enveloped by iridescent light and watch as the sun shaded in red disappears down below the horizon and drops beneath the waves of the sea.
Then one by one the lights of the evening come on shining up lighting up the streets of Taormina and surrounds. Enjoy the show surrounded by the scent of the local citrus trees and gentle background music and maybe even top it off with a glass of wine.

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