Villa Taormina
History of the location

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Ancient villa, today romantic boutique hotel in Taormina

Villa Taormina
A history that is part of the tradition of Taormina

Hotel Villa Taormina is where elegance meets modernity with its modern design and eternal charm of tradition. The charm of sleeping in a timeless building where every detail unites to create an unforgettable experience. Here you can make your dream of a romantic holiday in Taormina come true with that special someone and you will be pampered by the exclusive hospitality and attentive service.

The boutique hotel lies in a sumptuous historical villa that was renovated in 2006 by the current owner. A suggestive place in the centre of Taormina, where every stone is part of Taormina’s thousand-year history.
The construction of Villa Taormina was carried out using “conci”, large stones that were used as a base, still visible inside the perimetrical walls, rescued from what remained of the collapse of the old medieval walls and the Badia Vecchia.


Villa Taormina and the Abbey (Badia Vecchia)

All of the land on which the hotel Villa Taormina lies is steeped in history, as it was originally the site of the “Badia Vecchia”. The historic monument today, used as an archeological museum, dates back to between the XI and the XII century AD and its area was crucial for blossoming of the medieval town.
Its original purpose was to be similar to a typical Norman fortress though it became famous as the residence of the abbess of Messina who reigned the kingdom of Sicily during the XIV century AD.

The name “Badia Vecchia” suggests the building initially had an initial religious function and this idea was given weight by the existence of the so called “Badia Nuova” otherwise known as the Monastery of Valverde. However, this remains difficult to prove due to a lack of historical documentation.

Villa Taormina, an example of Gothic Sicilian architecture

The current look of Villa Taormina dates back to the start of the 900’s when it was designed with the idea of adding international prestige to the town. Particular building choices characterise the building of Villa Taormina, such as the use of lava stone and the sandstone of Syracuse. The peculiar contrast between the shades of black and white that give the hotel its perfect Sicilian gothic style are somewhat similar to that of other buildings in the town such as Palazzo Corvaja, Palazzo Ciampoli and that of Palazzo dei Duchi di S.Stefano.

The stylistic and architectural coherence of Villa Taormina add charm to the entire surrounding area, making it the ideal place to enjoy a holiday where sea, nature and relaxation go hand in hand with the pleasure of discovering the local artistic heritage.

Artistic discoveries in the garden of Villa Taormina

There is an unbreakable bond between Villa Taormina and the Abbey (Badia Vecchia). Over the years many works of art have been found in the area where the garden of the boutique hotel lies today that are now part of the artistic heritage of Taormina. Most importantly the “Madonna non manufatta”, a Byzantine painting that dates back to the IX century AD and is a true symbol of the town of Taormina. It is believed that it was the Madonna who saved the town from the earthquake of 1693 and so the town’s residents are devoted to her, a fact that is symbolized by the inscription of thanks and the famous “Manta argentea” that covers the painting. It was restored in 2017 and is currently exhibited on the third altar on the right in the cathedral of Taormina, easy to reach from the hotel on foot.

The conversative restoration of Villa Taormina

Preserve and modernise
the two characters of the boutique hotel to enjoy

The aim of the last renovation carried out on the current property, was to preserve the noble history of Villa Taormina maintaining the aesthetic of the medieval town while giving life to a boutique hotel of contemporary and sustainable conception from an environmental point of view.
VVilla Taormina is an eco-friendly hotel characterised by its “Green” policy where comfort and modern day considerations compliment each other harmoniously and elements of classic furniture,like the beautifully restored family furniture or other typically Sicilian traditional details create a continuity that never differentiates between past and present.

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