Villa Taormina
Eco-friendly Hotel

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Boutique hotel of charm and sustainability, Taormina

An eco-friendly ethic was the base of all restoration works carried out on the building

Combining a green philosophy with the aim of energy saving and the choice of local materials to transform the villa into a boutique hotel where art and fine furniture respect the historical aspect of the building while simultaneously considering the environment.
Villa Taormina’s renovation, from the insulation and rebuilding of the roof space, to the upcycling of the original flooring, doors and windows fixtures and fittings - was all carried out with the use of sustainable modern technology which respected the environment.

From villa to boutique hotel in the centre of Taormina

The transformation of Villa Taormina from private ancient villa into boutique hotel was carried out with the intention of highlighting the area. The restoration preserved and celebrated the identity of a building that is part of Taormina’s history.

A conservative restoration that not only allowed Villa Taormina to maintain its traditional aesthetic, in harmony with the surrounding medieval town, but also to adopt a series of functional adaptations to help safeguard the environment.


Boutique Hotel Villa Taormina has a low environmental impact using alternative clean energy

Invisible yet important changes were made to the villa to complete the renovation works of Villa Taormina.
The boutique hotel boasts centralised air conditioning that is optimised to ensure low environmental impact. The water is heated thanks to solar panels that make the most of the natural southern position of the building and the condensate boiler system guarantees a reduction in the energy needs of Villa Taormina during the winter season.
Last but not least, a system of reusing rainwater has been enabled to take care of the garden, the soul of the boutique hotel that aims to be in perfect harmony with the environment.

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