Romantic lounge area of Hotel Villa Taormina
The Garden

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Experience the charm of a boutique hotel with a green heart

In the garden for moments of relaxation, amongst the perfumes and colours of Sicily

In the heart of Taormina, along the side streets of the medieval town lies a corner of natural paradise and Villa Taormina – a historical villa that today houses the boutique hotel.
The Mediterranean garden, and the lounge area you will find within is the perfect hidden extra that will brighten your stay at Villa Taormina. With the bright colours of bougainvillea, jasmine, citrus trees and the exotic “Marvel of Peru” the garden impresses its visitors with an authentic explosion of colours, a true touch of Sicily.

Solarium with heated pool , Lounge Bar and Sunset corner

The garden gives to those who choose to spend their holidays at the boutique hotel Villa Taormina, a space to relax and enjoy while their every desire is taken care of.
The solarium with an 8 person heated pool and the Lounge Wine & Cocktail Bar in the heart of the garden makes your stay at Villa Taormina better by enhancing the atmosphere of the boutique hotel.

Our sunset corner offers another a romantic point of view to observe the suggestive spectacle of the sunset over the bay of Taormina.

The Mediterranean garden is the beating heart of hotel Villa Taormina. A green space that will embrace you from when you wake up in the morning immersing you in the beauty of Sicilian nature directly in the centre of Taormina.

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