An enchanting island facing Taormina
Isola Bella

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Isola Bella, a paradise emerging from the sea, just a few kms from Villa Taormina

One of the most stunning strips of beach in Taormina

Isola Bella is not far from Taormina’s centre - a small irregularly shaped rocky island that was carved out by the waves. Winding and wild, it is just a few steps from the Taormina coastline surrounded by blue sea that extends out of sight towards the horizon.
During your stay at Villa Taormina, this small island is a must. Isola Bella, or “Bedda” as it is known locally in Sicilian dialect is a precious site that looks like it has just jumped off of a canvas.

The beach of Isola Bella, easy to reach from Villa Taormina

A stretch of land cutting through the waters of Taormina

Isola Bella is just a few metres from the beach and just a couple of kilometres from Hotel Villa Taormina.
It is the perfect place to enjoy a swim in a sea envied all over the world and just getting to it is a memorable experience.
A small stretch of beach connects the coast to the island: a path you can stroll across thanks to the low tide.

The history of Isola Bella

A fascination that has lasted centuries, the history of Taormina

Isola bella is a pearl of nature, small and precious and with a tradition worthy of that of Taormina. Seductive and fascinating, Isola Bella has captured the heart of powerful men and strong characters. From the King of the Two Sicily’s Ferdinand I of Bourbon, to the English noblewoman Florence
Trevelyan, who acquired the island in 1890 from the mayor of Taormina Pancrazio Ciprioti to transform it into the floral paradise that it is today. It has a prestigious history full of ups and downs. Following a period of abandonment in the 1980’s the last quarter of the century led to this little place of paradise becoming a nature reserved that is famous all over the world.

The natural heritage of Isola Bella

A glimpse of Sicily, a touch of the exotic

Not just a place to swim and sunbathe, Isola Bella is a place where Mediterranean flora mixes with exotic vegetation.
English noble woman Lady Trevelyan was crazy about botanics and planted tropical plants across the island.

Today these are perfectly integrated into the local eco system giving life to a spectacular sight. What’s more there are many unusual animals on the island, including the red-breasted lizard and some varieties of aquatic birds.

Isola Bella, an experience to be had

Sea, culture and landscape, for a day to remember

Isola Bella hides traces of the ancient traditions of the area, offering its visitor different things to admire.
Its nature museum retraces the history of the island and Villa Caronia is used as a botanic garden and testifies the floral richness of the territory, together with the Hallington Siculo garden.
The island is dotted with terraces and remains of old buildings to admire and offers a view that warms the soul. Etna in the distance and a breathtaking view of Taormina the perfect ingredients to enjoy the sunset watching the sun as it dips down over the shimmering horizon.
An ideal moment that becomes a romantic one if shared with your special someone before going back to enjoy an evening in the garden of Boutique Hotel Villa Taormina.

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