Etna, majestic volcano that dominates the view from Taormina

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Hotel Villa Taormina radiates the energy of Mount Etna

It’s spelt Etna, it’s read Sicily

“A muntagna” is how the people of Catania lovingly call Etna, the stunning volcano visible with the naked eye from the terrace of Villa Taormina.
A volcano of unpredictable energy and an ancient giant that rises up between the land and sky to dominate the panorama. A sign of the greatness of nature, Etna is to admire with surprise and respect, having reigned over the surrounding land through its thousands of years of activity.
Mount Etna is an unmissable stop during your stay at boutique hotel Villa Taormina.

A few kilometres from Villa Taormina, the highest and most active volcano in Europe

Force of nature, admire with reverence

Il Monte Etna sorge, con i suoi 3350 metri di altezza, entro la provincia catanese, a circa un’ora e mezza di macchina dall’Hotel Villa Taormina, all’incontro tra i fiumi Simeto e Alcantara. La sua elevazione vertiginosa lo rende alto come nessun altro vulcano attivo in tutta Europa. Lungo i suoi 1570 km2 di superficie si aprono quattro crateri sommitali e molteplici bocche laterali che colorano il cielo con tinte di rosso durante le spettacolari eruzioni.

Discover Etna’s land

From the foot of the volcano to its summit - ever-changing beauty

The land that surrounds Etna and heads up to its top is characterized by volcanic activity.
The lava stone, such an important material for local craftsmen, is ubiquitous with its black tones and impervious appearance. An iridescent land from the lively lower slopes which are rich in citrus fruits, olive trees and cultivations of hazelnuts and pistachios and woods up to the volcano’s dramatic craters where the landscape becomes harsh and primordial.

Etna, history and folklore

The origins of the volcano shrouded in myth

Visiting Etna means discovering a land that is rooted in myths and legends. Among the most curious is that regarding the origin of the volcano said to have been born from the union of Uranus god of the sky and Gaia goddess of earth, thus symbolising the volcano reaching towards the sky. The legend of Aci is equally intriguing telling the story of a shepherd killed by a cyclop in the contest for the love of Galatea. It is said that the gods made water gush from her body to make an uninhabitable land fertile.
The so called “Terra d’Aci” is, in fact, an area that takes its name from the shepherd. The area includes Acireale, the main district and other small towns like Aci Castello, Aci Catena and Aci Sant’Antonio.

A tour of Etna for the guests of Villa Taormina

Adventurous food and wine trips, between the sun and snow

A holiday on the slopes of Etna offers so many possibilities that will challenge even the most ambitious traveller. During your stay at Villa Taormina you could participate in visits organized by the hotel to various family run wineries in the area to discover just what the land has to offer. A food and wine tour that will be the highlight of your stay in Taormina.
Trekking lovers can enjoy the adventure of following the numerous paths that run across the sides of the volcano. For those who stay at Villa Taormina, spending the day on Etna is pure experience and the ideal meeting point between nature and food and wine.

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