Syracuse, the ancient capital of Sicily

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A city of immortal charm that will enrich your stay at Villa Taormina

Syracuse, the historical soul of Sicily

Travelling south along the Ionian coast just an hour and a half’s drive from boutique hotel Villa Taormina, you reach Syracuse - a place that tells the history of Sicily quite like no other.
For centuries it was the island’s capital, the home of Archimedes and the most beautiful of ancient Greek’s cities according to roman Cicerone, as much as to rival Athens. Today Syracuse both hides and reveals the tracks of the numerous civilizations that have dominated the island, bewitching its visitors with its timeless beauty so much so that it became a UNESCO heritage site in 2005.

From Taormina to Syracuse, the great ancient theatres

The Greek theatre of Syracuse

The connection between Syracuse and its Hellenic origins continues to the present day, kept alive by the famous Greek theatre, just like in Taormina. Every year Syracuse, the mother of the Greek theatre relives the scenes of the tragedies of Aeschylus, Euripides and other great classic writers on its splendid stage.
Every summer thanks to the efforts of the National Institute of Ancient Drama it is possible to participate in the stories that have moved the human soul for centuries. An unmissable opportunity if you wish to enjoy an experience that fills your soul in a stunning location that is a symbol of Sicily and so close to Villa Taormina.

The Greek theatre and the Ear of Dionysius

The Greek theatre and the Ear of Dionysius

Hidden below the theatre you can visit the “Ear of Dionysius”, a unique place famous for its peculiar shape. The cave carved out at the request of a Syracusan tyrant is characterized by its unusual “S” shape which is similar to the shape of an ear and generates an acoustic effect capable of amplifying sounds made inside it. The legend says that the tyrant used this cave to listen in on what his prisoners would say closed within.

Ortigia and piazza Duomo

The artistic centre of Syracuse, soul of the city

Together with nearby Noto, Syracuse represents one of the best examples of Sicilian baroque - the architectural style that also distinguishes Villa Taormina. After the violent earthquake of 1693 a large part of the old buildings of the city were destroyed and in order to carry out the reconstruction of the city baroque style and aesthetic was lovingly adopted. This style is visible nowhere more than in the centre of the island of Ortigia, also known as “the island within the island”. Ortigia is connected to the land by a bridge that allows access to the beating heart of Syracuse and so rich in art and places of interest. An absolute must is a stop in Piazza Duomo to admire the magnificent Cathedral located in the same place where the temple of Athena once stood.

Syracuse, city to discover and love

A city of eclectic soul

Syracuse welcomes its visitors with an atmosphere that feels like it is suspended in time. The Sicilian city is also a metacult: the Basilica of the Madonna delle Lacrime (Our lady of tears) is a Marian shrine, built to celebrate the miraculous event when a statue of the Madonna is said to have shed real tears. A sacred place named a regional sanctuary, that welcomes thousands of faithful worshippers every year and is capable of attracting every passer by thanks to its peculiar architectural style.
As well as Syracuse’s artistic buildings and churches, it boasts large areas of natural beauty including the Vendicari nature reserve which makes up 15,000 hectares and is the green lungs of the Syracusan province. The ideal place to allow yourself a stroll in the middle of Sicily’s unpolluted nature. If you are looking for elegant nightlife on one of the most beautiful coastlines of the whole island, Syracuse is the place for you. A glass of wine and a typical dinner among the streets of Ortigia is the ideal way to end your day of sightseeing before heading back to the peace of Villa Taormina’s garden.

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