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What makes a stay at Villa Taormina unforgettable is not only the innate beauty coming from such a historical place or the stunning areas but the soul of the modern-day boutique hotel which finds expressions in the different experiences offered to its guests.
Possibilities that can enrich your stay whether it be long or short, is what makes Villa Taormina a unique location. The Mediterranean garden is the main setting of the experiences of Villa Taormina, both for couples looking for a romantic break and for those who on holiday wish to continue to practice or try a discipline like yoga.

Yoga In the Garden

Practise Yoga in the intimate peace of Villa Taormina’s garden

Practising yoga means reconnect with yourself and with the energy of the universe and entering a dimension of complete peace. Find yourself again, reconnect with your energy, feel your prana flow in every breath, immerge yourself in the marvel of the most authentic Sicilian nature. What better place than a floral paradise surrounded by Taormina and all Sicily to enjoy your meditation?

Boutique Hotel Villa Taormina offers you the possibility to meditate in its garden where you can breathe in the Mediterranean fragrances that Sicily is famous for and experiment an experience of intimate connection with the surrounding nature. The place full of tradition, a villa full of history, the air of a land without time, are precious elements to pamper your soul and cut yourself off on holiday or maybe before a day spent at the beach or out discovering all the sites that Sicily has to offer around Taormina.

Romantic dinner in the garden

An experience for two in the exclusive atmosphere of the romantic garden of a boutique hotel in Taormina

An exclusive moment for two, eye to eye under a sky full of bright stars. On request, the garden of Villa Taormina will be the setting for your reserved and intimate dinner.
Instants of pure romance in a fairytale atmosphere, natural beauty in an area of green unique in the centre of Taormina. A dinner the will seduce your palate with a menu of first-class catering for an experience that will reach the standards of your stay at Villa Taormina.

Aperitif at sunset with a stunning view

A glass of wine with a view over the bay of Taormina from the garden of our boutique hotel

An aperitif in the garden of Villa Taormina with the colours of the sunset.
The Sicilian garden of our boutique hotel is the pulsing heart of the hotel. The elegant area lounge of the villa, offers the possibility of enjoying an exclusive aperitif in front of the spectacle of the enchanting bay of Taormina at sunset.

A moment to enjoy without stepping away from Villa Taormina, ideal to get back your energy after an intense day or just before heading out to enjoy the nightlife of the town. There is a wine list available to all guests a selection of cocktails and cold dishes for an aperitif in line with the elegant personality of the boutique hotel.

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