Lounge wine & cocktail bar with sea view of Taormina
Rooftop Bar
Hotel Villa Taormina

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Relaxation and conviviality in a romantic boutique hotel in the centre of Taormina

A glass of wine in the Rooftop Bar
amidst the scents of the Villa Taormina garden

The Sicilian Garden of the Boutique Hotel Villa Taormina is also the lounge area of the hotel, where the experience of a good drink mixes with seductive charm of a small Mediterranean paradise that blooms between the walls of the hotel.
Every day, from morning until midnight, the lounge wine & cocktail bar offers a place to relax while enjoying a glass of good wine, chosen from our fine Villa Taormina wine list.

If you love mixology, you can taste one of our carefully mixed cocktails prepared by our knowledgeable barman, ready to make a drink especially for you or make you your usual. Our snack menu is available, including a selection of cold dishes and sandwiches, for a light snack at any time of the day.

The garden and bar of the boutique hotel offer guests a space to meet others.

The lounge wine & cocktail bar offers all Villa Taormina’s guests the possibility to socialise and enjoy pleasant conversation in the enchanting setting of the Mediterranean garden of the hotel.

And so the Mediterranean garden of the boutique hotel becomes a meeting place, of sharing and knowledge.

Every evening the bar of the garden of Villa Taormina also opens its doors to external guests.

An opportunity that will allow you to get to know the locals, share experience and bring you closer to the refined romantic atmosphere of the boutique hotel Villa Taormina.

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